Collaborative School Committee (CSC)

The Cory Collaborative School Committee (CSC) provides guidance regarding decision-making  for the school. It is made up of elected parent representatives, community members, teachers, staff members and the principal.  We meet monthly for about 2 hours to discuss the Unified Improvement Plan, staffing allocations, school budget, and school culture. We strive to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging the school community in supporting school and district goals.

All CSC meetings are open to the community and a portion of the agenda is reserved for public comment. Currently meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month from 4-6 pm in the library. We’d love to see you there!

Committee Members
The CSC is made up of parents, teachers, support staff and community members. All members of the CSC are elected to two-year terms.  2016/17 CSC members are as follows:


Sue W
Sue Weisenburger, Co-Chair and Parent Representative, email





Laura Quartarone, Co-Chair and Parent Representative

Jen Daily, Parent Representative

Adam Brown, Parent Representative

Bill Esbenshade, Parent Representative


OPEN POSITION- Community Member

Jennifer Harris, Principal

Brendan Doyle, 1st Grade  Teacher

Kim Nagel, 2nd Grade Teacher

Patty Kozma, 3rd Grade  Teacher

Rainy LaVenture, 4/5 Literacy Teacher

Dawn Miller, Librarian/Technology Teacher

Jane Hall, Paraprofessional