Health Room

Tiffany Stevenson is our school nurse at Cory Elementary.

Our Health Staff is responsible for the maintenance of the following:

How Sick is Too Sick?  When to Keep Children at Home

Please read this, How Sick is too Sick Illness Policy, for tips on when to keep your child at home. We recommend that students be fever-free for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medication, before they can come back to school.

Flu, strep, and other illnesses are here, which means germs are sneezing their way into schools

Keep me home:

Send me to school:

Communicable Diseases

Please call the school immediately if your child is absent from school due to a communicable disease.  Precautions may need to be taken to protect other children.

Head Lice

DPS follows the Center for Disease Control (CDC) policies and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) guidelines for school settings regarding Head Lice.  Resources:


State Law requires that every student who is admitted to DPS must have evidence of a successful vaccination for DTaP, Polio, HBV, MMR and Varicella


If  a student needs to take medications at school, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The medication must be a prescription.
  2. The medication must be in the original container.
  3. The medication must be readable, including a clear identification of the name and type of medication.
  4. Medication must have a prescription label with the child’s name, drug identification, dosage instructions, doctor’s name and current prescription date.
  5. A “Permission to Take Medication” form must be signed by the parent/guardian for all medications, including Tylenol. (listed below must be on a DPS med form)
  6. The nurse, health paraprofessional or office staff will administer medications.

NOTE:  Due to liability factors, over-the-counter medications, including but not limited to cough medicine, cough drops, Tylenol, ibuprofen, and stomach medication cannot be administered at school. 

Medication forms are listed below

how sick is to sick for school