Cory Elementary School follows the Expeditionary Learning in grades 1-5.


Every DPS Elementary follows the Reading and Writing Workshop format for grades 1-5.


Below are some great websites for you and your child to prepare for the annual Science Fair. Please ask your child’s teacher for more information:

Social Studies

Colorado History Resources:

Colorado & Denver Locations:

US Regions:

Physical Education (P.E.)


Information literacy is an extremely important part of our world today. Our library and technology program at Cory is centered around teaching our students the 21st century information literacy standards.   These standards promote learners to question, think critically, and gain new knowledge through a variety of sources.   They are then expected to use their knowledge in new situations as well as in a variety of formats. Therefore, in the library and technology lab, students often conduct research using books, online databases, and the internet.  They learn to conduct keyword searches and think about whether a website is credible and accurate. Students also produce their findings in a variety of formats – e.g. word processing, use of web 2.0 tools, creating videos, etc. Library time also consists of a weekly book check out and an optional weekly book club that is held twice a year for grades 2nd through 5th. Please visit to learn more about Cory’s library!

Also, here are some great books for your children to read:

Kindergarten through 3rd grade:

3rd grade through 5th grade:


Where in the school can you find mathematicians, scientists, anthropologists, historians, poets, potters, and painters? In the art room, of course!

From grade 1 through 5, our elementary art program progresses sequentially through standards-based lessons that introduce children to various aspects of art including materials and techniques, elements and principles of art and design, art history, aesthetics and art criticism. Looking at art and artifacts helps enhance our knowledge of history through insight into ideas and cultures of the past. Science, math, and technology also become part of the process of making art. Language skills improve as students use art terminology and description to respond orally and in written form to their own work, and the work of others.

Cory students attend art class every third day as part of their specials rotation. Through the exploration of “Creative Process” and “Visual Literacy,” students acquire the 21st century learning skills necessary for college and career readiness: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. Through the arts, student also acquire the soft skills of empathy, adaptability, and integrity to be successful individuals and contributing members of democratic life.


Social Emotional Learning

BESS Student Link (Grades 3-5 ONLY, 8 years old and up)