Friends of Cory

What Makes Cory Elementary Great: Teachers, Students, Opportunity and COMMUNITY!

Cory relies on community fundraising to provide full-time specials and opportunities for our students not included in DPS funding!

Friends of Cory provides foundational support to Cory Elementary including:

This year, our goal is to raise more than $65,000! We hope you will consider making a gift to support our school today. Every dollar goes directly into programs to benefit all Cory students. 

Cory needs your support this year. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Please make your gift online today. 

Please click here to make your online gift today:

Did you know that full-time specials and paras in the classroom cost an additional $610 per student? Your generosity – and that of all Cory families – helps bridge the gap between what DPS provides to Cory and what it takes to provide a top ranked education to our children.

Friends of Cory also holds a Pajama and Pizza competition for the Grade 1st through 5th with the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF PARTICIPATION in the Friends of Cory Campaign !  Help YOUR grade earn a pizza party and donate today!  

This year, our goal is to raise more than $55,000 and achieve 100% family participation.
Every dollar goes directly into programs to benefit all Cory students.

Please make your tax deductible gift online by clicking here.

Recurring payments (will automatically end after 9 payments)

If you would like to make your donation by cash or check, please mail donations to:

Cory Elementary PTA
Attention Friends of Cory
1550 S. Steele Street
Denver, CO 80210

Many companies offer employer matching. Curious if yours does too? Please contact the Friends of Cory Committee at if you would like us to look into your employer matching or if you have any questions.

Our Arts Committee has been hard at work.

Here are some of the Assemblies and Field Trips for the 2023-2024 School year that they are providing. This comes from the many donations that our Cory community make to the school.

November 8th – Mark the Ventriloquist Assembly

November 28th – Drums of the World Field trip

December 7th – ArtistiCO Field Trip

February 28th – Tomas and the Library Lady Field Trip

Date TBD – Lighthouse Writers Workshop