Parent Post – 10.15.15

Posted October 14, 2015

Principal Update

I recently had the honor of attending the “Excellence in Teaching” Recognition Ceremony for our Cory Teachers who have been recognized as earning a “Distinguished” rating on their annual evaluations.  We have a dynamic teaching team (as you all know!) and celebrate all of our teachers everyday.  Our very own Superintendent Boasberg wanted to take time to recognize and celebrate the following distinguished teachers from Cory:  Sarah Clark, Margaret Wing, Diana Golden, Betsy Sturges, Julie Keppler and Caleb Melamed.  Please join me in congratulating them on this honor!

I wanted to also thank all of you for giving to our Friends of Cory campaign.  Your funds directly go to our classrooms to support our paraprofessionals.  Without your generous giving we would not be able to have the amount of amazing paraprofessionals as we do.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We are still behind $20,000 from last year.  Please take the time to read the update below from our FOC Chairs.

Please remember we have NO SCHOOL on Monday or Tuesday of next week (October 19th and 20th).  Though there will be no school for students, our teachers will be busy in Professional Development, learning more about implementation of our Literacy and Math programs.  Speaking of, be sure to read the CSC Update below.  We have an Academic Standards Night coming up and need your feedback to make this night a success.

Thank you for all you do to make Cory an amazing place to go to school!

In partnership,

Jennifer Harris


Friends of Cory

Just over a week left and we are more than $20,000 away from our goal! Things have really slowed down, we have raised just $100 in the past three days.

PLEASE, if you have not given yet, please, please do. If you have given but can afford to donate more, please consider that. It is our children who will suffer if we do not reach our financial goals this year!

If every parent who has not yet contributed would just give up one specialty coffee drink a week for one year, and contribute that towards the campaign, we would have enough money to continue the wonderful advantages that Cory provides – including our paraprofessional time and specials. These WILL be cut if we cannot raise enough money to keep them. Isn’t your child’s education worth more than some caffeine????

CLICK HERE TO make your contribution today.

Fall Forum and Community Nights at Cory!
Cory’s annual CSC Fall Forum* is coming up on Thursday, November 5th from 6-7:30pm, and we need your help!  This year’s Forum will cover two topics: one, a deeper dive in to Cory’s new EngageNY math curriculum and the academic standards it addresses, and two…. well, that’s up to you!   We will be breaking out in to small discussion groups focused around topics of interest to our parents.  Please take this short, anonymous survey and let us know what you’d like to discuss:
We would also like to gather your feedback on the Cory Community Nights you would like to see this year!  Cory Community Nights are designed for parents AND kids, and can cover a whole range of topics.  Our first Community Night is already scheduled – Science Night will occur on Nov. 11th!  Help us choose the remaining two nights for the year by answering the final question in the survey above:
*  This survey will remain open for a week, so please take a moment now to give us your input!  Never been to a Collaborative School Committee (CSC) meeting?  That’s OK!  The Fall Forum is designed to let all families in the Cory community have a voice in the work of the CSC.  To learn more about Cory’s CSC, click here.

Cory Kids On the Big Screen while School’s Out on October 20th!

Come see your Cory classmates on the big screen this coming Tuesday while school’s out!  The film screening of the Cory-made movie “Careful What You Wish For”, starring participants in the Cory Auction buy-a-share event Lights, Camera, Cory!, is scheduled for noon on October 20th at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (7301 S Santa Fe Blvd,  Following the screening, the full length movie Hotel Transylvania 2 will also be shown.  Admission for both is just $6!


Fall market – October 16th!

Please bring your appetite and fall spirit to purchase caramel apples and pumpkins after school this Friday, October 16th! We are having our annual Fall Market this Friday right after school. There will be caramel apples and beautiful pumpkins for sale. Rush over to the playground right after the bell rings because these caramel apples are always a huge hit and they will go fast! Proceeds go back to the Cory Garden to get ready for another successful Spring planting season. Hope to see you there!

Teacher Spotlight

This week we had a chance to chat with our new Art Teacher, Angela Alexander, for a quick and fun Q&A to learn more about her!  Enjoy…

Q. Why did you choose this profession?

A. I love art, I love working with kids, and I enjoy nurturing creativity. I want my students to look forward to learning about art, the history of art, different techniques and finding new ways of expressing themselves. I want to broaden their concept of what art is and expose them to different art forms and techniques. Teaching respect, responsibility and relationships is also a very important part of being a successful art teacher. I want to provide a creative learning environment that students feel comfortable in and will thrive in.

Q. What is one of the highlights of your day at Cory?

A. I adore working with the variety of ages from 6 to 12 as well as the variety of art media that I’m teaching, but my favorite highlight is when the students are independently working and I am able to visit with each student.

Q. If you found yourself stranded on a desert island, what ONE treat would you crave?

A. If I found myself stranded on an island, I would crave espresso and Ethiopian Injera, as well as a hammock and a great book!