Parent Post 9.24.15

Posted September 24, 2015

Principal Update

Fall is in the air!  One of my favorite times of the year here at Cory is the fall season.  Not only do we have an AMAZING Fall Carnival line-up for Sunday (details below), but we also have a great Direct Giving Campaign (Friends of Cory) happening.  Thank you to those of you who have already given and if you have not…read below for how to give!  Direct giving beats having to sell wrapping paper and cookie dough to your friends and family and helps our school maintain our wonderful paraprofessional support and supplements our technology needs.  In fact, just yesterday we received our BRAND NEW laptop cart with 30 Dell Laptops!  Now our teachers on the first floor will have a cart all to themselves.  Thank you for giving!

A quick reminder about toys at school:

TOYS, SPORTS EQUIPMENT AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS AT SCHOOL (from page 30 of our Family Handbook, accessed by clicking this link

Toys, gadgets, electronic devices, etc. are not to be brought to school. They become a distraction in the classroom and on the playground.  Sports equipment is allowed but is limited to soft balls (footballs, soccer balls) and must be labeled with the child’s name.  Lacrosse sticks, baseball bats and hard balls are not allowed.  The school does not take responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items.  

We do understand that students like to play pokemon cards before and after school.  In this situation, students may bring them and they must remain in their backpacks the entire day.  If they are taken out during the school day, they will be confiscated and parents will have to come and pick them up from the classroom teacher.

Hope to see everyone on Sunday at the Fall Carnival!  Rumor has it I am supposed to be DUNKED in the Dunk Tank (along with many of the teachers!).

Jennifer Harris, Principal

Cory Carnival- THIS Sunday, September 27 from 12:00-3:00 PM

The weather is going to be perfect so come enjoy the fun with all the carnival activities, games and prizes, climbing wall, music and lots of food!

Guess the Pumpkin Weight Contest and Guess the Number of Jelly Beans is back this year. The pumpkin was grown in our own Cory Garden and the winner gets to take the pumpkin home. The winner of the Jelly Bean contest will also take the jar of jelly beans home. Also, ‘Come Dunk A Teacher or Your Principal‘ for $1.00 is back and not to be missed!

The Prize Wheel is back this year and will include a chance to win an Enrichment Class as well as a chance to win a Cory T-Shirt, Bookies gift certificate or a Bonnie Brae Ice Cream certificate.

If you have pre-ordered tickets, wristbands will be delivered to your child’s classroom. Click here for your last opportunity to volunteer … and more exciting details.


Destination Imagination (DI)- Workshop, Tuesday, September 29th, 5:30

Destination Imagination is a worldwide educational program in which student teams solve open-ended challenges and present their solutions at a tournament. This amazing opportunity takes problem solving and creativity and mixes it with a strong element of teamwork. DI is an extra-curricular program which includes 1st through 5th graders.

Cory has been successful at DI tournaments for years, sending teams to State and Global Finals for the last five-plus years, and winning several Global competitions over the years! We want to build on our success!  CLICK HERE to learn about a DI workshop that will be held this Tuesday, September 29th, at 5:30 pm in the cafeteria and so much more!

Please contact our new DI school coordinator, Rainy LaVenture, at with any questions.

October CSC Meeting- Thursday, October 1, 4:00-6:00

Please join us for our next Collaborative School Committee meeting! The CSC is made up of parents, teachers and community members who work with school leaders to provide feedback on important school decisions. This month’s meeting will be focused on: Cory’s strategic goals for 2015-16, Family Engagement goal-setting, and discussing topics for inclusion in our Fall Family Forum. The full meeting agenda can be found on the Agendas & Minutes link on the Cory CSC page. For questions or further information, please contact any CSC member via email (listed on the CSC page). We hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Cory Student Directory

It’s time to prepare the Cory Student Directory for publication and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to enter your information in this google form.

While you do not have to release your information for inclusion in the Directory, it is only provided to currently enrolled families and is a great way to connect with your classroom activities and reach other parents.

Please complete the form by Monday, October 5 to be included. If you have any questions or problems, please contact parent volunteer, Jennifer Miles, at

The Friends of Cory Giving Campaign is in full swing!!

Please don’t forget to donate to Friends of Cory! The campaign has only a little over 4 weeks left and we are not even a quarter of the way to our goal. This annual fundraiser is crucial for our children’s education and for keeping our school as one of the best in Denver. Your kids need each and every hour of para-professional time in their classrooms.

This is what YOUR donation can do:

$135 (paraprofessional for one day in your child’s class)
$175 (sustain excellence for one dollar a day per child)
$270 (paraprofessional for two days in your child’s class)
$350 (sustain excellence for two dollars a day)
$500 (1 iPad)
$1,000 (iMac computer)
$2500 (iPad PowerSync Cart)
$5000 (1 Promethean Board)

We will have a booth set up at the Carnival this Sunday, September 27. Please feel free to donate by credit card, check, or cash. All donations are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Grocery Cards, T-shirts, and more!

Thanks to all of you who have turned in your PTA membership form and $10 fee. We are up to 78 members and are very appreciative of the people who have offered to help with the various activities throughout the year. We still have a goal of reaching 175 members, so if you haven’t filled out your membership form, please turn it into the office or complete it online today!

We are also excited to see everyone at the Fall Carnival this weekend! We will have Grocery Cards available for $5 and Cory t-shirts on sale for $10. Please remember that these reloadable Grocery Cards to King Soopers and Safeway come preloaded with $5, and Cory gets back 5% of what you spend.

It only takes 4 simple steps to use them:

  1. Inform the cashier you need to load your card
  2. Load the Grocery Card with whatever amount you want
  3. The cashier rings up your groceries
  4. You pay with your Grocery Card…it’s that easy!

So, why wait? Pick up your Grocery Card on Sunday and grab a Cory t-shirt while you’re there to show your school spirit!

Garden News

This Tuesday, September 29th, in honor of Colorado Proud, we are welcoming Chef Adam Fisher, to join us during the lunch hour from 11:30-1:30 to do a cooking demonstration. While the kids enjoy their lunch, Chef Adam will be demonstrating how to make a delicious cucumber tomato salad. This is a healthy easy recipe that hopefully the kids will want to make at home! Please feel free to stop in and see Chef Adam at work this Tuesday! We will be using some of the produce from our beautiful Cory Garden during the demo.

This Wednesday, September 30th, is Colorado Proud. We would like to welcome all families to come to our garden for a tour on Wednesday morning beginning at 8am until school starts. We have a very successful beautiful garden that provides produce for our Farmers Market and our Cafeteria Salad bar. Please come check out some of the beautiful treats growing in our garden this year. We are Colorado Proud!

For more information, please feel free to contact our Garden Co-Chairs, Anastasia Glennie,, or Briana Gonzales,