Extreme Weather Procedures

Thunder/Lightning Dismissal Procedure

When we hear thunder and/or see lightning close to dismissal time, dismissal will go as follows:

  • DISCOVERY LINK:  Students will go to Discovery Link as normal
  • PATIO PICK-UP, WALKERS and KISS AND GO: All patio pick-up, walkers and Kiss and Go students will remain in the classroom and wait for a parent to come pick them up.
    • Parents will need to come into the building to get their child. Parents are welcome to stay and “wait out” the storm or can take their child.
  • BUS STUDENTS: All bus students will go to the Cafeteria and wait until the thunder/lightening passes, which will be 30 minutes after the last thunder strike and/or thunder clap.
  • SKCEE Students: All SKCEE students will remain on the bus and parents will be directed into the cafeteria to wait for further instructions.
    • While we suggest that parents wait until the thunder/lightening passes, which is 30 minutes after the last thunder strike and/or thunder clap, we also realize that parents are responsible adults and can make the decision to take their child. Parents who choose to do this will need to sign out their child on our Emergency Roster.

We will communicate the above information the following ways:

  • Facebook- facebook/coryelementary
  • Email

In order for us to safely dismiss students, please refrain from calling the office to ask us to dismiss them another way than stated above.

Attached is a lightning-safety article from the National Weather Service that highlights the dangers of thunder and lightning.



DPS Extreme Heat Policy

  • Heat Index Guide – for when the heat index becomes a health concern. Cory will reference this Heat Index guide to assist us with knowing when to call an early release.
  • School Comfort During Heat Days – for measures being taken at the school level to keep the building safe for students.

Cory Winter Weather Policy

  • Arrival:  Arrival time remains at 8:30 am.  When it is 20 degrees or lower, students can enter the building and go straight to class.
  • Weather Delay Schedule:  There is a  weather delay schedule for schools that start at 8:30 a.m. or later. The delay schedule will provide buses an additional 60 minutes to access identified schools, and these schools will start one hour later than their typical start time during a weather delay. All other schools that start before 8:30 a.m. will not be affected.  School leaders, instructional superintendents and parents of transportation-eligible students will be notified of the delayed start using Bus Bulletin.  We will also post updates on our FB page as well as send an alert out on our Cory APP.  Click Weather-Delay-Flier for more information explaining the above process.  Specific information on a DELAYED START and what it means for our school  is below:

    Bus students will be picked up an hour later than their normal time. Cory Staff will be at the school at the normal time of 8:30 to accept students at the front of the building, however, attendance will not be taken until 9:45 AM (so feel free to sleep in a bit and take your time!). IOWA STREET DROP-OFF WILL NOT BE OPEN UNTIL 9:30, so if you are planning on taking your child to school before 9:30, kindly walk them in to either the student entrance or the front of the building. 


  • Recess: When it is 20 degrees or lower, we will have indoor recess inside the Auditorium.  A G-rated movie will be shown to the students.  Students will also have the choice to play Board Games in the Gym. Outdoor temps will be monitored utilizing the Weather Watch Safety Chart.  On outdoor days, students not dressed appropriately for the winter weather will have the chance to call their parents to bring in appropriate clothing.


  • Winter Gear: Please dress your child in warm winter gear, as we only call indoor recess when it is extremely cold.  Otherwise, you can assume your child will be outside playing in the fresh air!  They will need coats, gloves, hats, possibly snow boots, and any other outdoor winter clothing you see fit.

DPS Winter Weather Information

  • The decision to keep schools open or to close them during winter weather conditions is not a simple one, but it is made with one overriding factor in mind: the well-being of our students, their families and staff. It is a good idea to decide in advance how to best keep up with the changes, what childcare arrangements are needed, and how to adjust if schools are closed due to inclement weather.

DPS Closure Information

  • If the decision is made to close school, the DPS Communications Office will immediately notify local television and radio stations, which will broadcast regular announcements of school closures or delays. Information is also available at DenverChannel.com, 9News.com, KDVR.com and denver.cbslocal.com. Notifications in Spanish will be made on radio newscasts on 1150 AM, 1280 AM and 1090 AM.
  • Emergency school closures will be posted on the district’s homepage  and the DPS transportation homepage immediately.
  • Announcements to close school will also be posted to the district’s Facebook (@DPSnewsnow) and Twitter (@DPSNewsNow) pages.
  • School bus delays and information is posted on the DPS Transportation Facebook (@DPStransportation) and Twitter (@DPSschoolbus) pages.
  • A message denoting the closure or late start will also be left on the school district’s closure hotline at 720.423.3200, as well on the DPS Transportation hotline at 720.423.4699.
  • DPS employees should check their e-mails regularly for special announcements regarding the closure of school.