Brent Conklin

P.E. Teacher



Brent Conklin is a native of Colorado and the Denver area. He attended Cory Elementary School as a Kindergartner in 1978 and returned for a portion of his 4th grade year. Brent attended Tulane University in New Orleans where he received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He earned his teaching license and master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the Stanley British Primary School and the University of Colorado at Denver. Brent has been teaching professionally for 18 years, including 15 in Denver Public Schools and 9 at Cory Elementary. Brent and his wife Sarah have 3 children ages 12, 9 and 7. He enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, reading books, and playing cards.

Brent loves the Denver Broncos and goes to a couple of games each year. He is approximately number 7,747 on the waiting list for season tickets.