Parent Post- May 28

Posted May 27, 2015

Welcome to your first Parent Post!  The Cory Website will be THE PLACE to read everything you need to know so be sure to bookmark.  This week:

  1. Website Feature: Cory Parent Calendar–  Did you know that the entire Master Calendar is TO YOUR RIGHT?  This will always have our most current information on upcoming events at Cory.  We will update the August calendar next week and throughout the summer, so be sure to keep an eye out for important events!
  2. Concert on the Green Update See you Thursday May 28th at 6pm sharp!
  3. Information on Classroom Placement Letters and Report Cards– In order to save money and trees, we will be sending home the Classroom Placement Letters electronically this year.  They will come straight to your inbox on Friday, June 5th at 4PM with special summer information and fun news from your child’s teacher.  Report Cards will be available only on Parent Portal so be sure to make sure your Parent Portal account is up and running!  Click “Parent Portal Account“.
  4. Field Day Update- Click here for the latest on Field Day!
  5. Congrats to our Destination Imagination Teams!
    1. Keep Calm and Chew Gumballs (Ryan Hoskins, Walter Silvesky, Max Gehring, Sawyer Matz and George Bowdouris) came in 32nd in their challenge, Creature Feature. This was after a few hiccups in Instant Challenge and with their robot. The true prize for the team is having the honor of representing Cory at Global Finals and getting to experience the largest creative competition in the world. They got to trade pins with teams from, Qatar, Colombia, S. Korea, China, Mexico, Canada and Poland. Another highlight was hearing Buzz Aldrin talk about his “Mission to Mars” program at Opening Ceremonies. This was an amazing third year of attending Global Finals for this team. They are all off to middle school next year with DI in their hearts!
    2. The Po-Ta-Toe Heads (Paige Atkinson, Katie Dahlen, Sophie Wilshire, Mia Scara, Alyssa Robertson) took 14th out of 64 teams in the Feary Tales challenge.  They had an amazing week of watching other teams, pin trading, meeting kids from other countries, cheering on other Colorado teams, and enjoying the sunny Tennessee weather.
    3. Five sets of Cory parents and siblings may merit an apology. They didn’t get their kids back. The kids they said good-bye to on May 18, who made up the team Fourth Dimension, which competed in the Creature Feature challenge at the Destination Imagination Global Finals, are gone forever. The kids they got back do bear a striking resemblance, and do answer to the same names: Gavin McKinzie, Ella Smith, Brady Schiff, Kyla Letko and Eliott Totman.
      But these new kids are much bigger, stronger, keener. They more patient, nimble, opportunistic and world-wise. They have negotiated in friendly, earnest, successful ways with representatives from China, Columbia, Singapore, Louisiana, Poland and Qatar. These new kids navigate great success and glaring failure with about the same perspective: “Well, that that’s. What do we make happen next?” These new kids are in many ways more, and in some key ways less, than those family members said good-bye to just a few days ago.
      P.S. Their managers, Robin Filipczak and Schuyler Totman, hope these new kids finished the homework assigned to those other five kids we won’t see again.