Parent Post: Let the Countdown to School Begin!

Posted August 18, 2016

Dear  wonderful Cory Community!

The anticipation has likely begun in your house.  The excitement of picking out new clothes and laying out the matching shoes.  The nervousness of meeting new friends and transitioning to new classrooms.  Its all part of the annual “Back to School” tradition and we are honored to be part of that special piece of your child’s life.

Your very own Cory Crew has been officially back for one week and we have been learning all of the expectations from Denver Public Schools, as well as figuring out what those expectations look like for Cory.  We have taken the time to dive deep into professional learning, including attending GT/HGT workshops, learning about Personal Success Factors (PSF), figuring out how our own brains are wired through Emergenitics Training and discovering the great world of #slack for our team communication.   Needless to say….we are now officially energized and ready to take all of your children off of your hands for the next 9 months!  I will be posting some fun videos on our Facebook page that helped keep us energized this past week, so be on the look-out!

As we countdown to the First Day of School, I wanted to give you an update on our events occurring tomorrow and a new tradition we will be starting on Monday:

  • Friday, August 19th, 4:00-5:30- Meet the Teacher and Popsicles with the Principal- Please plan on joining us at anytime between 4:00-5:00 in your child’s classroom.  Bring your supplies, meet the teacher and peruse around the classroom for a sneak peek into your child’s learning environment.  NEW!  We will be having a “New Family Orientation” for all new-to-Cory Families.  These sessions will take place from 4:00-4:20 and again from 4:30-4:50 in the Cafeteria.  Topics we will cover are Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Student Safety and more!  5:00 starts the popsicle fun on the patio with Mrs. Harris!  If it is raining, please join us in the Cafeteria for this portion of the evening.  NEW! Please plan on filling out the linked PICK UP LIST.  Your child’s teacher will have a hard copy for you to fill out, or you can print it from home and bring it in completed.  Whatever your preference, this document will need to be returned by Monday to help ensure your child’s safety.
  • Monday, August 22nd, 8:30-8:45- First Day of School Parade!  In celebration of the First Day of School, we will be meeting everyone on the playground, have live morning announcements (including the Pledge and the Cory Creed) and then “parade” into the school in one big GIGANTIC line through the Student Entrance (Patio Doors).  We are asking all parents to join us as we kick off this school year by staying through the announcements, saying your goodbyes on the playground and cheering on your child as they enter the building.  For the rest of the week, you will be allowed to walk your child to class by entering the front doors, or can send your child through the Student Entrance, if easier.  Regarding Monday, you can find your child’s teacher out on the playground beginning at 8:30 am.  Once you find them, have your child join them as they organize the line for the parade.

Enjoy your last summer weekend!


In excitement and anticipation,



Jennifer Harris, Proud Principal of the Cory Cougars