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Posted April 20, 2020


Cory Families! 

During this ever changing time it is more important now than ever that we have flexibility in everything we do, think, and feel.  We have all been affected in every way imaginable by current events and we’ll get through this together by showing empathy for ourselves and others, empathy for those who want more to do during remote learning and empathy for those who simply can’t do more.  

As a staff we are embracing the many varied student and family needs and wants through a school schedule that focuses on both assigned and optional core curriculum from Monday through Thursday, as well as access to Friday Fun Day experiences that include enjoying P.E., art, and music classes, virtual field trips with me, science/social studies hands-on experiences, and time to connect live with the wonderful specials teachers!  Families can choose this Friday Fun Day schedule or create their own as all of the specials classes will be available every day should students want to enjoy them as breaks between core content requirements or repeating the class for fun! Please be sure all students log in and complete attendance in their homeroom every day by 3:00, including Friday Fun Day.

Friday Fun Day at 9:00 starting on April 24th. Students can also join me for the live stream of mindful minutes and night time tales Monday- Thursday. Mindful Minutes will be Google Live Stream at 8:45 am daily Night Time Tales will be Google Live Stream at 7:00 pm nightly join me on April 21st for a Community Meeting in which I will share some updates to our online learning plan and provide a platform for questions and comments.  Community Meeting 1st & 2ndWhenChanged: Tue Apr 21, 2020 10am – 10:30am Mountain Time – DenverJoining infoJoin Hangouts Meet   Join by phone +1 669-241-1240 (PIN: 502261983)Parent Community Meeting 3rd – 5thWhenChanged: Tue Apr 21, 2020 10:30am – 11am Mountain Time – DenverJoining infoJoin Hangouts Meet   Join by phone +1 605-432-8296 (PIN: 748263164)I will continue to review and address trends as they come up. It is important to remember that we are learning together through a very trying time, a global pandemic. It is important to take care of yourself and your child’s social emotional needs FIRST. We will continue to share content and support as much as we possibly can. We are here for you, you are doing your BEST, and we support you.

Joan Wieser

GT Corner

Greetings, Cory Community!

As we all try to adjust to remote learning, I wanted to bring you up to date about a number of topics related to the Cory gifted and talented program.Identification of Students for GT ServicesIf I have the three necessary data points, I will be continuing to submit names for final approval to the GT Department. If your student is in that category, look for an email from me.A high score on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) can be used as one data point for identification. Since the ITBS must be given in person, all testing has been postponed until next fall. A high score on CMAS can also be used as one of the data points. Since we won’t have CMAS scores this year, you can expect a higher number of students being tested with ITBS in the fall.Families who requested CogAT testing this spring can either wait until the fall window or ask for testing over the summer. Because of a higher volume of CogAT testing expected in the fall, the testing window will be longer.On-going ServicesI am working hard to meet the needs of GT students within the structures of remote learning. Fourth and fifth grade students have in-depth research projects that work relatively easily with online resources. Third graders are getting a challenge math problem each week, and they will also be reading a challenging book with me as part of their unit on culture. As part of the author study on Patricia Polacco, I will be supporting students with writing higher quality responses to text.First graders do not yet have any remote learning with me. We decided not to overwhelm them with all the digital adjustments in process. Their work will probably be optional.Advanced Learning PlansClassroom teachers and I will continue to work on academic and affective ALP goals to the greatest degree possible. The DPS Gifted and Talented Department is seeking guidance from the Colorado Department of Education on the best way to close out ALPs at the end of the year.Schools with newly identified GT students MAY wait until fall 2020 to create ALPs, although families can request al ALP sooner.GT Teacher Office HoursDo you find all this GT/ALP/ITBS/CogAT talk to be overwhelming or confusing? Do you wish you could just ask someone in person? You can reach Annie Witwer during her office hours, Monday-Thursday from 10-11 a.m. Here’s the link: You can also try this link: To join the video meeting, click this link: If I’m with students, I’ll schedule another time to talk with you. You can also reach me by email:


Check out the new Discovery Link Google Classroom 
Google Classroom Code:a6zfurj


DPS and Google recently updated Google Meets.  We hope this will resolve any technical difficulties. We apologize to the many families who experienced technical difficulties.  There were many problems with ChromeBooks. If you run into any issues, please start by resetting your ChromeBook following these instructions.

If you continue to run into issues please call Denver Public Schools Department of Technology at 720-423-3888 or 


Let’s come together to ensure that we will have our full-time paras and full-time specials (Mr. Conklin, Ms. Alexander, Mrs. Miller and Ms. Ferguson) for the 2020/2021 school year! 

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At Cory we love learning and laughter.
We grow by trying new things and learning from our mistakes.
We embrace challenges with the courage to do our best.
We persevere.
We show respect for our community through caring, responsible actions.  
We celebrate each others’ differences and accomplishments.
At Cory we love learning and laughter.

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