Parent Post 3.10.16

Posted March 6, 2016

Principal Update

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather!  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and got our March Fire Drill out of the way today (before the next snowstorm hits!).

I have very important news to share on the attached document Curriculum and Staffing Changes for 2016/17.  Please take the time to read this document so you understand our exciting changes ahead!  We are also sending a hard-copy home by Monday.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Harris, Principal


Auction Call to Action!

Did you know???

The auction is our largest fundraiser of the year?

Did you know???

We still need your donations to make our auction a success?

We could really use these items:

·      A Host home – the auction favorite chef dinner is back, but we still need a home to host the dinner.  Please contact us if you are interested or need more info.

·      Bottles of wine – lots of wine!

·      Restaurant Gift Cards  – $100, $50, $25

·      Whole Foods Gift Cards, or Visa Gift Cards

·      Any Apple product – mini iPad, Apple Watch, etc.

We have set a goal of 100 Family Sponsorships and we are at 16!  Each $100 Family Sponsorship gets us closer to our Fundraising Goals!

Have you done a Family Sponsorship yet?

Each family that becomes a sponsor will get their name on a banner hung on the corner of Iowa and Steele, as well as have the opportunity to participate in an exciting Corn-Hole Contest at the auction for a GRAND PRIZE!

You can go to the website here or you can send a check to the school front office made out to Cory PTA.
We need your help! We are looking for parents to co-host and host Buy-A-Share events.

The Buy-A-Share program is one of the best things to purchase at the Cory Auction because you have a chance to interact with other parents, families and kids from our community. They create a true sense of belonging and reminds us of how lucky we are to live in this amazing neighborhood!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Buy-A-Shares, these are events hosted/co-hosted by Cory parents that are focused on family, kids and adult-only events. These events can range from adult parties such as a Kentucky Derby party, to a kids’ craft party, or family flag football. At the auction, parents can buy into these events at a reasonable cost (a low as $10.00 per person up to over $100.00) and all of the money raised goes directly to Cory because hosts/co-hosts cover the costs.

We have a grade specific event in the works for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students that could use some additional co-hosts, but we still need 4th and 5th grade events/activities. We have a lot of ideas on great Buy-A-Shares to offer if you need help in getting started, or you could even duplicate the events that we have planned for the younger grades. We would also love to hear your ideas/thoughts as well. We know that Cory parents are creative as well as friendly and many would enjoy hosting or co-hosting a Buy-A-Share, but we need parents to volunteer.

Please contact Amanda Kessler,, or Shahla Hebets,, if you are willing to host or co-host a Buy-A-Share this year. We really appreciate your support and involvement.

Destination Imagination

Five Cory teams will be competing next weekend, Saturday March 12th, at the Denver Destination Imagination tournament at Thomas Jefferson High School. I’m sure they would love to have the support of their friends in the Cory community! Please see below for information about the times they will be performing their central challenges.

Pablo and the Ladies (Pablo T, Ivy S, Emily H, Saylor B, and Hannah Z) will be showcasing their Fine Arts challenge at 8:20 am.

We’re Sorry, But (Team Name) Is Not Available at This Time (Ella L, Lilly S, Zoe L, Ava G, Jenna K, and Lucy S) will be also be competing in the Fine Arts challenge, at 10:40 am.

Future Car Company (Andon F, Odin L, Xander L, Henry S, Charlie E, Jack L, and Kate L) will be performing their Technical Challenge at 9:40 am.

Gray Wolf Purple Falls (The Wolf Pack: Stella G, Bryson B, Xander B, and Riley K) will be presenting their Project Outreach challenge at 3:00 pm.

Starz (Meher S, Baani S, Finn L, Henry K, and Jackson K) will be participating in a Rising Stars non-competitive challenge at 11:00 am.

Their performance in this tournament, for the four competitive teams, will determine whether they advance to the State competition. They have been working so hard over the past six months! Even if you can’t make it on Saturday, please wish these kids luck when you see them in the halls and on the playground.

News from the Music Room

1) The Colorado Symphony will be performing “Carnival of the Animals” in a family-friendly concert on Sunday, March 13th at 1:00pm. 1st and 2nd grade students participated in a big unit of study surrounding the “Carnival of the Animals” in October, so this concert will be sure to bring back some fun memories from the activities we did in music class! The concert will be one the entire family will enjoy, so make plans for a trip to the symphony on Sunday, March 13th. Reminder: Student tickets are only $10 with the Promo Code “LISTEN,” or you can call the box office at 303-MAESTRO. Please visit the website HERE for details.

2) It’s time for another one of Ms. Polete’s concerts with The Cherry Creek Chorale! There are three concert opportunities on March 11th, 12th, or 13th. March 11th and 12th will be 7:30pm concerts at Bethany Lutheran Church and March 13th will be a 2pm concert at St. Andrew United Methodist Church. We’ll be performing wonderful Celtic pieces, including premiers of commissioned pieces written specifically for the Cherry Creek Chorale. There will also be BAGPIPES performing with us! For more information, please CLICK HERE.

♩ ♬ Amy Polete ♫  ♪

Calling all 3rd Grade Families:

Help us Stuff the teacher lounge with treats on Thursday March 17th!

3rd graders it is your chance to show you love and appreciation for our teachers and staff.  Please bring your favorite treats to “stuff” the teacher lounge on Thursday March 17th.  Treats might include: bag of chips, package of candy bars, bag of candy, chocolate bars, cookies, box of k-cups (we have a keurig one of our families donated), nuts, frozen dinners, box of microwave popcorn, six pack of sodas, waters, sparkling waters, granola bars or any other treat you can dream up.

Kiddos should bring their treat to the table by the couches before school.  They may also write a note.  Note cards will be available before school.

Come on Cory 3rd Grade Families let’s show our LOVE!