Parent Post – 2.5.16

Posted February 4, 2016

ACTION ITEM:  Help us get Free Money donated to Cory!

Did you know that we have the opportunity to get money donated to Cory through the King Soopers and Safeway Grocery Card program?  All we need you to do is to purchase your groceries through a reloadable $5 Grocery Card !  If every family signed up for this program, we could bring in approximately $10,000 (or more!) into the school (for something that is the price of one of your favorite coffee drinks!).  Read all about it on the following link and SIGN UP TODAY, THIS IS AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY THAT IS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP!  Grocery Card Program

Spring Enrichment Registration comes next week!!! 

There’s inches and inches of snow on the ground, but spring is right around the corner which means SPRING ENRICHMENT CLASSES!! Rugby, golf, tennis, comic book creation, computer coding, and MORE are on the roster. Registration materials and sign-ups will be out mid-next week. Check the Cory before and after school page HERE

For more information, contact Todd Moore at 720 377-6834 or via email at Thank you for your support of Cory/C3 Enrichment Classes!

Don’t forget to Download the Cory Mobile App!

We are thrilled that over 100 of you have downloaded our new mobile app.  This is going to be the primary communication tool for Cory moving forward.

Search “Cory Elementary” in the Apple app store or Google Play to download the app today.

If you want to link directly to the app store listings you can access the links on the marketing materials folder here.

It is AUCTION time and we need your help!

The auction team relies 100% on the donations from our Cory Elementary community to make this event amazing. Our incredible families have donated so generously in the past and many of you have purchased these items. But without donated items from our community, the auction won’t be able to raise the money it needs to in order to keep our school at the top!

From very small amounts of time to vacation homes – YOU can donate something to help this year. Please don’t just rely on spending money AT the auction to help raise money for Cory – we truly need donations from you to make this event work. Think you don’t have anything to donate? You might be surprised…

This year we have set up a Sign Up Genius for the auction so that you can take a look at all the items that we are looking for and you can also volunteer if you have the time. Again, please try to help with this donation piece – it is what helps to make Cory Elementary Out of this World!

Please visit by clicking HERE.  If you have any questions or ideas regarding donations or volunteering, please contact us:

Sam Powell – or

Julia Emerson –

Cory Dines Out

Mark your calendar for

Tuesday February, 9 2016 4pm to 9pm
John Holly’s Asian Bistro
1028 S. Gaylord St, Denver CO 80209
25% back to Cory

Teacher Spotlight

This week we learn more about Annie Guerrero from our third grade teacher team.

Q. Where is your hometown?

I was born and raised in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

Q. What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation must have: excellent food, sunshine, water, and great company.

Q. What is your favorite book/author?

I couldn’t live without my cookbooks.  The two that have a permanent home on my counter are Everyday Pasta by Giada De Laurentiis and The Homemade Pantry by Alana Chernila.

Q. How many years have you been at Cory?

This is my third year at Cory Elementary.

Q. Share one thing you did before Cory.

I was an exchange student in Germany for a year where I learned to speak German and made lifelong friends.

Q. What is your favorite dessert?

Margaret Wing introduced me to one of my favorite treats.  Safeway has amazing cream puffs in their bakery section!