Parent Post – 2.25.16

Posted February 25, 2016

Principal Update

I wanted to take a moment to thank Dana Kang and all of the parent volunteers who have organized and provided food for Staff Appreciation the past few weeks.  In order to “spread the love”, Dana had a great idea to have different grade levels provide goodies for the team throughout the spring, rather than just one week in May.  It was kicked off by the 4/5 families and boy was it a TREAT!  Often times in our field of education, we find ourselves not eating a very good balanced diet.  Much like other careers, we run out of the house with breakfast and then may not eat again until dinner time, so we are definitely feeling the love from the community and are thankful!  Be sure to check out the pictures on our Cory Facebook page.

A few other quick updates:

  • No School Monday (Teacher Professional Day and Parent Teacher Conferences)-  Our team will be diving into the Common Core Math Standards in the morning for professional development and will have conferences in the afternoon.  We will see students back on Tuesday!
  • Budget- We have made it through our annual budget season and, with the help from our CSC, have been able to budget successfully for the 2016/17 school year.  I will be sending an update on the budget process and results in the next few weeks.  Part of the budget process this year included the addition of a new leadership structure titled, “Teacher Leadership and Collaboration (TLC)”.  This structure allows for teachers to have the time in the classroom as well as have the time to coach other teachers in the building.  Please click Parent Information- TLC for more information on this great structure that we will be implementing next year (more to come on who on our team will be in these positions).  We are excited to share all of our budget and TLC information in the coming weeks and thank the CSC for their hard work in partnering with us to maintain our amazing programming at Cory.

Thank you for your partnership with our school.  We are honored to serve such a great community of learners!

Jennifer Harris, Principal


Auction Update

Did you know??

In Colorado, taxes alone do not fund our vision of a first-rate education for our children.  Colorado currently ranks 40 out of 51 states in spending per student, and Denver Public Schools has reduced funding per student by over $400 in the past four years.  The difference between the amount needed to maintain the educational supports and technology that we currently have at Cory and the amount received from government is greater than $450 per student.  The reason your children get a top-rated education is due to the money raised throughout the year! From paraprofessional hours to Promethean boards to iPad access for each child – none of these are paid for by your tax dollars. Please help donate what you can and come to the auction so we can all keep Cory Elementary the exemplary school it is.

Here are a few easy ways to donate to the auction this year…

APPLES! Any Apple product – iPad, Apple Watch, etc. is needed for a fun, money-making auction activity!

We need wine! You can donate from one to twelve bottles – anything helps.

Ask when you go to dinner! We are looking for a few gift cards to favorite restaurants – most restaurants have a budget for donations.

Hotels hotels hotels! We are looking to add some great overnight dates – if you have a connection to a favorite hotel, please ask or give us a contact.

Be a host! We are looking for a family to offer their home for our fabulous chef dinner. Partner with another family or call us for more details. Such a great way to bond with Cory families.

Airline Miles! We have an exciting trip and would love to fly the winner there – do you have airline miles you would be willing to donate? Ask us for details.

We need parents to co-host and host Buy-A-Share events!

The Buy-A-Share program is one of the best things to purchase at the Cory Auction because you have a chance to interact with other parents, families and kids from our community. They create a true sense of belonging and reminds us of how lucky we are to live in this amazing neighborhood!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Buy-A-Shares, these are events hosted/co-hosted by Cory parents that are focused on family, kids and adult-only events. These events can range from adult parties such as a Kentucky Derby party, to a kids’ craft party, or family flag football. At the auction, parents can buy into these events at a reasonable cost (a low as $10.00 per person up to over $100.00) and all of the money raised goes directly to Cory because hosts/co-hosts cover the costs.

We have a grade specific event in the works for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students that could use some additional co-hosts, but we still need 4th and 5th grade events/activities. We have a lot of ideas on great Buy-A-Shares to offer if you need help in getting started, or you could even duplicate the events that we have planned for the younger grades. We would also love to hear your ideas/thoughts as well. We know that Cory parents are creative as well as friendly and many would enjoy hosting or co-hosting a Buy-A-Share, but we need parents to volunteer.

Please contact Amanda Kessler, or Shahla Hebets, if you are willing to host or co-host a Buy-A-Share this year. We really appreciate your support and involvement.

Please visit the auction page on the Cory website or email for any questions, donation forms, and a link to our sign up genius!


Young Authors Night

You are invited to a special event to kick off our “Young Authors” activities!

Who: All Cory students and their families

When: Thursday, March 3rd from 5:30pm – 7pm

Where: Cory Cafeteria

Kathleen Pelley, native of Scotland and noted children’s author, will share her love of stories and tips on writing.

Pizza will be served from 5:30pm – 6pm

Please RSVP no later than 4pm on Monday, February 29th by clicking HERE.


Denver Young Artists Orchestra – Free Tickets March 6

The students at Cory Elementary are invited to enjoy FREE tickets for the Denver Young Artists Orchestra’s upcoming concert on Sunday March 6 at 2:30 PM at Boettcher Concert Hall in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The attached voucher needs to be exchanged at the Voucher Exchange table before the concert. So please click here and PRINT to bring with you! Free Ticket Voucher for Schools March 6(1)

LAST WEEK OF SPRING 2016 ENRICHMENT REGISTRATION!!! Rugby, theatre, fashion, comic book creation, computer coding, running club, and MORE are coming to Cory this spring. Registration materials and sign-ups are on the Cory before and after school page at Registration closes next week on March 3rd. For more information, contact Todd Moore at 720 377-6834 or via email at Thank you for your support of Cory/C3 Enrichment Classes!

SPREE Summer Camp

Click SPREE Summer Camp Flyer 2016 to learn more about SPREEs summer camps


Feb 26 deadline: Get your box tops in- TODAY!

The class that collects the most tops will receive s pizza party! Cory raises money each year from the collection of box tops. Each teacher has a bag in their room used for collection of the tops. If you have any to share with us, please send them into school and be sure to write the teachers name on the bag so that your room gets credit for the tops!

Football Expectations
Football Rules and Guidelines for Before School (8:30-8:45) and Recess.  We would also appreciate if parents please stress the importance of not tackling at anytime while playing after school.  
1. Flags must be worn at all times by both teams.
2. Each flag must be on the outside of each hip. Velcro must be on outside of belt.
3. 2 new captains each day of the week to pick teams.
4. 2 pass rushers only. Must count 5 Mississippi before crossing line of scrimmage.
5. One rushing play per offensive series.
6. New quarterback each series until no one else wants a turn at quarterback.
7. Quarterback must pass to a different receiver on any two consecutive downs.
8. Non-contact. No stiff arms. Blockers must have 2 hands behind back.
9. Have fun!

Teacher Spotlight

This week we chat with Rainy Laventure from our 4/5 literacy team!

Q.  Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in Oregon (population about 5,000) that has become famous as a destination for windsurfing and kitesailing. It was a beautiful place to grow up, although it was definitely windy! It was a place where you couldn’t walk around downtown (at least in the winter when all the tourists went home) without seeing someone you knew. My mom owned a bookstore, and I spent hours there as a kid.
Q.  How or why did you choose teaching?

I was really drawn to education in college – I studied anthropology, but took a lot of education classes. Probably the biggest motivator, though, was wanting to have my summers off so I could work at a summer camp in New Mexico called Cottonwood Gulch, which was my favorite place in the world at the time. It sounds funny now as a reason for a career choice, but it combined a lot of my passions –working with kids, outdoor adventure, cultural exploration around the Southwest. I did end up working there, but only for three summers. I look forward to sending my kids to camp when they get a bit older, though!

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’ve traveled a lot, and I love seeing new places. I definitely want to take my boys back to some of my favorite spots – France, parts of South Africa, Italy. However, somewhere I have never been, but have always wanted to go, is Alaska!

Q. What book has influenced you most?

I can’t pick just one! That would be like choosing my favorite child.

Q.  What is one job you had before coming to Cory?

I have worked at other DPS schools – Palmer for eight years, Newlon for a year – but I’ve had a variety of other jobs, too. Along with working at Cottonwood Gulch, I worked at my mom’s bookstore, in the costume shop of my university, and as a raft guide on the Snake and Salmon Rivers in Idaho.

Q.  What is your favorite dessert?

Chocolate anything. Preferable dark. With nuts is always good.