Parent Post – 10.8.15

Posted October 7, 2015

Principal Update

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful volunteers for the time that they have spent pouring into our Fall Events.  Thank you to Sam Powell (Walk to School Day), Michelle Hoskins & Christina Ferdows (Fall Carnival) and Anastasia Glennie & Brianna Gonzalez (Garden Committee Events) for leading such top-knotch committees!  Also, thank you to all of the parents who volunteered under these committees.  As a working mom myself, I understand the time commitments it takes to volunteer and serve on these important committees (and am always looking for how to plug in at events).  THANK YOU!  Other shout-outs:

  • Jennifer Miles- for spearheading the School Directory!
  • Haven Smith, Shannon Bell and Laura Quartarone- for taking the lead on our Volunteer Handbook!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to ask all of you to support our classrooms in an EASY way.  October is the month where we settle into routines in the classroom.  We need your support to ensure that these important rituals and routines are maintained.  When classrooms have strong rituals and routines, teachers are able to effectively instruct your child and learning for all children takes off.  Here is how we need your help:

  • Early Outs- I have noticed many people coming to check out their child between 3:00-3:30.  Please refrain from doing so unless you have a doctors appointment or other important engagement.  Our teachers use every minute of the day for instruction and when our team has to call your child out of class, the entire class loses the teachers attention for a period of time.
  • Tardies-  Our instruction begins right at 8:45.  When your child is tardy, they miss announcements, time to say hello to their friends and the beginning of the lesson.  We offer free breakfast from 8:30-8:45 if you prefer to make that part of your morning routine (to help your child get here on time).
  • 8:30 Supervision- A kind reminder that supervision begins at 8:30.  If you drop your child off before 8:30, there is no supervision for them.  Knowing that, we do welcome you to come in with your child and can sit with them in our lobby or play with them on the playground  if you prefer.  In addition, Kaleidoscope has a “drop-in” option for those mornings when you need to drop off your child early.  Simply contact Kaleidoscope to register and inquire about this option.

On behalf of the entire Cory Team, thank you for ensuring your child is at school ON TIME, comes EVERYDAY and stays ALL DAY.

Friends of Cory Update

The Friends of Cory campaign is in the midst of a matching donor campaign. We have until the end of the day Friday to raise $10,000, which one unanimous donor will match. Please consider making your donation this week, every dollar counts!

Only two more weeks left in the campaign and we’re far behind our goal of $75,000. We desperately need this money to supplement paraprofessionals in the classroom, which essentially whittles the student to teacher ratio in half!! All donations are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  Click here for direct access on how to give.

Music Updates


Thank you to all the 3rd/4th/5th grade families who have returned their completed recorder order form and payment. I am still missing 63 orders, however, and would like to get the order placed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I don’t feel comfortable placing the order with so many students unaccounted for, so thank you so much for putting in your order.

Even if your student has two quality recorders (one of which has a case for hygienic school storage) and doesn’t need to place an order, I would appreciate receiving word (via email or written form) letting me know that your student’s recorder needs are taken care of. If you still need a recorder order form, please visit my website to print off an additional form.

Amy Polete, Cory Music Teacher

Colorado Symphony Orchestra on Friday, 10/9. $2 TICKETS

Experience some wonderful music at Boettcher Concert Hall for $2!?!  Click here for details.  Use promo code SACKBUT to unlock $2 TICKETS to “Inside the Score: Symphony 101”. Limitations & fees apply. Student or Teacher ID required at ticket pick-up.

Denver Young Artists Orchestra – free ticket this Sunday

The students of Cory Elementary are invited to enjoy free tickets for the Denver Young Artists Orchestra’s concert on Sunday October 11 at 2 PM at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts building on the University of Denver’s campus.  Here is your Free Ticket Voucher. The voucher needs to be exchanged at the Voucher Exchange table set up before the concert.

Spooky Story Night

Spooky Story Night is coming!! Please save the date for Thursday, October 29th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. The PTA will be hosting this family event at Cory. More details to come. Watch the weekly parent post and Friday folders for more exciting details.

Merrill – Open House & Movie Night for 5th graders

Merrill is hosting an open house for all 5th graders on October 14th.  CLICK HERE for details.  Merrill is also hosting a 5th grade movie night on October 16th.  Click Here for details.