Parent Post 10/30/2020

Posted November 1, 2020



Dear Families,
One more week, one more change.  I am sure by now you are all well aware of the District’s decision to have 3rd-5thgraders go into 100% remote learning starting Monday, November 2nd.  This change is coming as a huge disappointment to many and maybe a relief to some.  Regardless of how your family may feel about the decision, I think we can all agree that the change and uncertainty of this school year so far has been rather anxiety inducing no matter how you look at it.  Some days it feels as if we are simply trying to get through one day with grace hoping to make it to the next day intact. 
Over the next few days 3rd-5th grade teachers will prepare for the return to remote teaching and will be communicating with their students about plans for what learning will look like November 2nd onward.  We should anticipate that 3rd-5th grade will stay in remote learning through the Thanksgiving break.  My take away is that the district is committed to bringing 3rd-5th grades back in person as soon as they are able.  This could mean that if the health indicators are favorable 3rd-5thgrade could return after Thanksgiving break, but time will tell and we’ll have to see what decisions DPS makes as we get closer to that date. We are currently creating a criteria to bring a small number of students in grades 3-5 back into the building to support remote learning. More information will be shared on Monday as we diligently plan and staff for this support. 
I feel confident in Cory’s safety plan and our ability to keep everyone safe, but please understand myself, nor my staff, had any input or forewarning of this decision.  We are just as disappointed as you are.  I have been so pleased how teachers, students and families embraced the safety plan and followed procedures. 

I understand the concerns  of students loss of learning through the remote platform.  The Cory staff uses student data to compact and accelerate standards at each grade level while looping in prior grade level standards to address that potential loss of learning.  We are drilling down to the important concepts of each standard to maximize our time with students. I am proud of our staff for working tireless hours to redevelop units, lessons and assessments to support students with in-person and remote learning.  I want our community to know that our students have some of the best educators in the district.  The teachers at Cory have pivoted numerous times without complaint because of the love and dedication they have to this community and your kids.  Our community needs to pull together in times of uncertainty and disappointment to challenges.  We can overcome this together with trust, compassion, and honesty.   

We had a wonderful day celebrating the end of spirt week. Thank you to all the kiddos who joined our week of fun!


A few updates:Report cards for Q1 will be viewable in parent portal on 11/17.  With another change to remote learning, I want to provide time for the staff to feel prepared for remote instruction. 
As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or suggestions.Best, 

Joan Wieser 

11/3-11/5 – NNAT (2ND GRADE)

Cory PTA’s annual giving campaign, Friends of Cory, is off and running. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed! If you have not yet contributed, please consider making your gift today.
Your generosity ensures our students at Cory Elementary have access to many resources including full-time Specials teachers like Mr. Conklin, our Physical Education Teacher. Not only does P.E. provide an opportunity for our kids to move around during the day, it also allows them to learn new games, sports, and activities that they might not have been exposed to otherwise.  We are so fortunate to have a highly qualified, invested, committed P.E Teacher like Mr. Conklin at Cory! It wouldn’t be possible without your support of Friends of Cory.
Please make your tax-deductible gift today. Your donation helps make P.E and all the Specials at Cory possible. Thank You!

Cory Families,
The 2020-21 Scholastic Book Fair is right around the corner. Since we can’t do it in person this year, it will be virtual but will run for two weeks instead of our typical one.  Online shopping will begin November 16 and run through the 29. All purchases benefit our school and connect kids with new books, complete series, and more.
There is a new option to shop for Book Fair exclusives directly from the interactive booklist and enjoy these special online shopping features:Over 6,000 items, including new releases, best sellers, and value packsAll orders ship direct to homeFREE shipping on book-only orders over $25*All purchases support our school and earn 25% in rewardsBe on the lookout for a link in the coming weeks.
Happy reading!

Milli Wolfson and Erin Robbins

As part of the DPS universal screening to evaluate student learning needs, 2nd Graders will be taking the NNAT3 (a.k.a Naglieri) on the following dates:Bourgeois — Tuesday, November 3rd, 9:15-10:15Nagel — Wednesday, November 4th, 9:15-10:15Wilsted — Thursday, November 5th, 9:15-10:15

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is a DPS-mandated board consisting of the principal, elected parent representatives, teachers, support staff and community members. The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is a DPS-mandated board consisting of the principal, elected parent representatives, teachers, support staff and community members.  Throughout the year, the CSC provides guidance and recommendations to improve academic performance; as well as advice on achieving the goals of Cory’s strategic plans, budget and staffing priorities, increasing parent engagement, and enhancing school culture.

This is a great opportunity to become further involved in Cory as a parent. If you are interested in becoming a parent representative, please complete the attached Google form 2020-2021 Collaborative School Committee Nomination Form.  A representative from Cory will be in touch shortly after.  The deadline is November 10th.

Thank you for your consideration.