Parent Post 1/26/2024

Posted January 26, 2024

4th graders LOVED learning Colorado content-specific vocabulary using play-doh in literacy class today! FUN learning!
The kids in Ms. Miller’s class worked collaboratively to learn about Ancestral Puebloans, and their history in Colorado. They did a great job jotting their ideas, and responding to peers’ ideas.
JA was so fun today! In Mrs. Nagel’s class we are  learning about having jobs and producing goods, so we played a pizza game where we raced, on teams, to make the most pizzas correctly in a certain time period! We had to play twice cause it was so fun!
Good morning from Balarat! We are headed to our sunrise walk before breakfast! Today we go orienteering! 
Good morning from Balarat! 
Good morning from Balarat! 
Cory’s 1st Basketball Game last Wednesday!  The team posted a “W” and Luca Amato is our FIRST Player of the Game Award!  

Dear Cory Community,

On February 10, it will be the official start to the Chinese New Year. In Chinese New Year, we are celebrating the year of the dragon. This year represents fostering growth, progress and abundance! 

This  week, we received the budget information for Cory. We are excited to continue the programing and staffing for next school year. Through our budget process we are committed to continuing  all these amazing supports.  I am thankful for the CSC and SLT for meeting for hours to discuss and plan for next school year.  

Our Cougars just wrapped upUnit 5: Bullying Prevention, Upstander Behavior, and Conflict Resolution. Here are some resources to support conflict resolution:

On Monday, students will engage in their first Student Equity Experience. We will include this lesson in next week’s parent post and include extension activities for families to do with their kiddos at home. 

Celebrating Black History Month with a Wall of famous John’s

Mark Your Calendars: SchoolChoice Round 1 Dates
YOU DO NOT need to do anything if you are staying at CORY.
5th Grades families will need to choice for Middle School!

DPS SchoolChoice Window is Now Open!
DPS SchoolChoice for the 2024-25 school year is now open through 4 p.m. Feb. 12! The process is for students who want or need to attend a new school for the following school year, particularly incoming kindergarten, sixth- and ninth-grade students. All incoming ECE students, as well as incoming students who reside in an enrollment zone, must complete an application.
Research your school options using the School Finder, Enrollment Guides, FAQs or by contacting schools directly. 
To apply, create an account or sign in using your Parent Portal login. Then, rank your schools in order of preference and submit your application before 4 p.m. Feb. 12. Results will be released late March.

Call 720-423-3493, email or visit for more information.


  • January 29th PTA Dine Out – Vaile 
  • February 2nd  – PTA  meeting @8:30
  • February -2nd Wear Your Cory Gear
  • February 7th – Cory Works Out @ Pearl Street Fitness 
  • February 13th & 14th – PTA Dine out Beard Papa’s is a Cory family owned business and donating 40%
  • February 14th – Valentine Day celebrations
  • February 16th – No Contact Day – No School for Students
  • February 19th – NO SCHOOL – Presidents’ Day 
  • February 22nd – Literacy Night
  • February 27th – PTA Dine out – Cherry Cricket 
  • February 29th – CSC Meeting at 4:00 

Girls on the Run Cory registration will open on February 4th for our Spring 2024 Season! Practices will be after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:30 PM. GOTR is for girls in grades 3-5. Our season will start March 5th and go through May 21st. Please continue to check Dojo for updates and go to the Girls on the Run Rockies website for more information.

We are also looking for additional parent/ community volunteers that can support at our practices. You DO NOT have to be a runner, and you do not have to be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. Please email Ms. Wilberg at if you are interested in helping out this season! Go GOTR!

Summer Connections 2024 is set to return as a free, five-week program starting June 17 through July 19. DPS students at eligible schools entering first through fifth grade are invited to participate in this full-day program. Designed for student readiness, the program introduces students to next year’s curriculum with a special focus on STEM subjects. 

Students will also enjoy a variety of activities including Inventor’s Week, the Lego Challenge, career exploration and computer science. Plus, there’s an exciting field trip in store! 

Registration for families begins mid-February. Please refer families to the Summer Connections website for more information and updates. Staff who are interested in applying may submit their interest through this form.

Help!!! Lost and Found is overflowing. Please send your student to check Lost and Found and also feel free to check for yourself. All items in Lost and Found have been bagged and placed in the auditorium. We will be donating these times at the end of the month. Thanks!!!

Student Equity and Opportunity

Department of Nursing and Student Health Services

Whole Child Supports

Success in schools, success in life

Denver Public Schools provides free vision, hearing and dental screenings for all students in identified grades (Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th). 

The screenings are NOT an assessment or an evaluation and do NOT replace professional exams. Mass screening is considered best practice to identify students who may be at risk for health concerns affecting the student’s ability to learn, and who may need extra support to reach academic benchmarks.

Your student will receive screenings in the following areas:

Vision, Hearing, and Dental 



The health screening components will be completed at your child’s school on: 

Dates: Starting Feb 2st, The school nurse and health tech will begin screenings and the screening team will be here later in the year. 

Please contact your school nurse for any questions or concerns about the health screenings.  Parents/guardians of students who were absent or who did not have optimal hearing, vision or dental screening will be notified in writing regarding the results.   

Thank you for your assistance as we work together to educate and support your students!


School Nurse Tiffany Stevenson MSN

School Nurse Direct phone number 720-424-8384

School Nurse Email

Upcoming Dates:

  • Cory Auction: Friday, April 26 @ DU’s Cable Center 

PTA Updates

  • DINE OUT AT VIALE: Mark your calendars! Our next Dine Out event is on Monday January 29 from 4-9pm at Viale (1390 S. Colorado Blvd.). Viale is donating 20% back to our school, so please mention Cory when dining in or ordering takeout. Dinner reservations are available!
  • FEBRUARY PTA MEETING: Join us for the February PTA meeting on Friday, February 2 at 8:30 a.m. The meeting agenda, link to join virtually, and minutes from last month will be circulated next week.
  • CORY WORKS OUT: Join us for Cory Works Out at Pearl Street Fitness (1107 S. Pearl Street) on Wednesday, February 7 at 1pm! The cost to attend is $22, and 100% of proceeds go back to our school. Sign up here
  • CORY AUCTION: Save the date for the Cory Auction on Friday, April 26 at DU’s Cable Center! More information will be shared soon.

Please make sure to follow us:

DPS Discount Alert! 

DPS Discount Days are back! We wanted to share more discount offers with your families, students and staff.

You can also visit for more information on these discounts and other special offers. Any help you can provide in distributing these opportunities would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Join the action! Sign up for Kids Heart Challenge Cory Elementary School’s team on the American Heart Association Schools app for iPhone or Android or online: Cory Elementary School – Kids Heart Challenge – American Heart Association.
Donate to fuel our school’s $30,000 goal.
Any student who raises $50 will qualify to purchase discounted tickets and get a special ON COURT experience with the Denver Nuggets! The class with the highest percentage of students register gets an EXTRA PE CLASS! And, any student who completes Finn’s Mission will get to come to the KHC Glow PARTY! Also, every student who raises $200 will get to turn Mr. C into a Human Disco Ball with GLITTER SLIME!
Congratulations to the following students who have already earned our school’s challenge: Alvida Della J , Harrison B , Clara A., Carter M, Brody T., Liam B., Alexa K
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. THANK YOU for supporting our Kids Heart Challenge! 67 Students have already joined If 50% of our students register online our school will receive a $500 bonus for fitness and well-being equipment!
After joining, spread the word by sharing your page with friends and family so they can learn Hands-only CPR and spot a stroke F.A.S.T. just like you! You can email or text your Kids Heart Challenge page from the app or your website.
Personalize your page to share why fighting heart disease matters to you! See how kids like you are making an important impact.