PARENT POST – 3/9/18

April 23, 2018

Dear Cory Community,Have you heard about the chickens? Yes, chickens are coming to Cory! The Cory Garden Committee has been working for two years to bring  this program to Cory. However we need the appropriate funds to make it happen. The goals are to build a coop that can withstand our climate and provide educational opportunities for our community. The program allows for our school and community members to work together and learn about raising, caring for, nurturing and harvesting eggs from chickens. It also provides the opportunity for students to be a part of the chicken Co-Op family. As the committee states, “Raising chickens fosters community collaboration, creates teachable moments, builds self-esteem and instills responsibilities within all of its members.” The program also aligns to our vision statement: Cory engages every student in challenging and meaningful learning experiences. We build authentic and lasting relationships within our school community. We inspire students to be globally aware, inquisitive and compassionate individuals. We bring life to learning and learning to life. Please stop by the large collection jars located at the Cory main entrance and donate any loose change you may have to support the chicken program! Thank you so much for your support.In other news, this month’s personal success factor is GRIT. Classrooms are discussing what it means to show grit and determination. As we prepare for our 3rd-5th grade state standardized testing Grit and Perseverance are key! As a school, we are also focused on our pilot of two different mindfulness curriculums to determine which approach we are going to use school wide next year. The curriculums are designed to support students in calming their minds and bodies. Mindfulness work is especially important as we move into Spring and see an increase in  energy and enthusiasm in our students. We also continue to work during our community time on reinforcing our classrooms as kind, respectful and caring learning communities.

These learning communities are composed of students from all different backgrounds. The inclusive nature of our school and our integrated model values diversity in experiences, learning styles, culture, language, ethnicity, and more. Our entire staff is committed to supporting every child here at Cory as a unique individual, to the very best of our ability, every day.

Liz TenCate

Hello, Parents and Leprechauns!

Please join the Cory Student Council and Cory Garden Committee with their annual CHANGE DRIVE  - Making a Pot of Gold!
The drive will take place Monday, March 12th – Friday, March 16th.
Students will be competing by grade level, so every penny counts!
Bring all your loose change from home!  Don’t forget to look under the car seat, in your backpacks, under the couch cushions – anywhere you can find loose change, bring it on in!
The class raising the most money will be celebrated with a pizza party, courtesy of Whole Foods!
The money raised will support the chicken program coming this year to Cory!
Would you be so kind to put this flyer (color if possible) in the Friday folders this week.
Thanks!Great job at the Spelling Bee Cory!Three Cory students competed against 280-plus spellers in the 78th annual Colorado State Spelling Bee held at Denver University on Saturday, March 10, 2018: Lachlan Flanigan (4th), Bryson Browning (5th), and Sam Holland (5th). All made a strong showing on the morning’s written test, with Bryson advancing to the oral competition in the afternoon and Lachlan and Sam barely missing the cutoff. Out of 28 finalists from across Colorado, Bryson was one of a whopping 13 DPS students to make it to the oral competition. Bryson correctly spelled 15 words before going out on the word “abnegate.” He placed 13th overall and lasted longer than any other 5th grader in a competition that goes up to eighth grade. Congratulations to Cory’s spellers and their Semantics team leader, Mrs. Hopley!

Philanthropic Service Club

Founded and run by a small group of Cory kids, the Philanthropic Service Club is having its second annual service day event Sunday, March 18 from 2-4pm. Over the last year, the club members have been hard at work researching, touring and presenting information they’ve gathered on non-profit charitable organizations both local and around the globe. Last month, the group voted to have their service event benefit Sewall Child Development Center, a Denver based organization serves children with special needs due to disabilities, economic disadvantage and developmental delays.

Established in 1944, the center provides behavioral assessment and intervention services. It offers family counseling services for children with social emotional problems along with integrated developmental preschool and early childhood care and education programs. Sewall serves over 2,500 children and families in our community yearly.

On the service day, weather permitting, we will have the President and CEO, Heidi Heissenbuttel, and a former Cory family give a brief talk about Sewall to be followed with directions for the day. We will be prepping the playground for spring by cleaning and laying mulch, weeding and prepping the soil of playground planter boxes and organizing supply boxes to be passed out to each of the classrooms.

We would love to have the entire Cory community join but need to limit the group to 50. Please register on SignUpGenius:

There will be a box for classroom supplies (listed on SignUpGenius) near the office through March 16. Families are more than welcome to bring donations directly to Sewall the day of the event.

Feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions.

Thanks and hope to see you there!
Malin and Milli Wolfson