Connect with Cory

How We Communicate

Communication is key to ensuring there is a strong home-school connection. We will do our very best to ensure that we are communicating with you and would expect that, in return, you take the time to utilize our website as often as possible. Below are the ways our school communicates with families:

  • Friday Folders: Every Friday a folder will go home with any classroom specific information and some school information (extra advertising for school events, etc)
  • Email/Mailchimp:  We utilize MailChimp for email communication.  Parent Posts go out on Friday afternoons.
  • Google Calendar:  This will be our most up-to-date calendar with school events and information during the school year.  It can be found on the Cory home page or on the Cory mobile app.
  • Mobile app:  The Cory mobile app is a communication tool to better serve our parents, students, and faculty.   It will be an important part of our communication efforts.  Download the app by searching “Cory Elementary” on Google Play or the Apple App Store.