GT/HGT Integrated Model

Gifted and Talented and Highly Gifted & Talented (GT/HGT)

Cory is a magnet site for the Highly Gifted and Talented (HGT) program, and has adopted an integrated model of HGT where both HGT and non-GT/HGT students are in the same classroom, led by GT Endorsed teachers. In this model, GT and HGT students are provided opportunities for deeper learning within the focus of the class curriculum, rather than in pull-out classes which may offer enrichment in topics unrelated to class work.

Teachers differentiate their instruction and focus on using gifted teaching strategies in their teaching so that students at all academic levels can benefit. Every student at Cory is challenged in their areas of strength and supported in areas where they need more support.

Our GT/HGT Integration Model offers our students the following benefits:

  • GT/HGT students have a core of academic and social peers within each classroom that they interact with daily, which is an important aspect of gifted and talented education.
  • The integrated model allows our students to interact with intellectual as well as same age peers, which provides a wealth of opportunities for social growth.
  • GT/HGT students are afforded the opportunity to have “the elementary school experience” at the same time as their exceptional academic needs are met.
  • Students at all academic levels and performance benefit from the integrated HGT model because differentiated teaching strategies allow each and every student to be challenged in areas of strength and supported in areas of growth.

We have a part-time GT Coordinator who supports our classrooms by ensuring that GT testing is completed, Advanced Learning Plans are written and that our GT students receive the supports they need to grow academically.

We realize that our integrated program may not be ideal for every GT/HGT child.  Each school in DPS offers a variety of GT/HGT programming to meet different children’s needs.  We encourage all families to learn about each program so they can make the best decision for their child.

Services for Parents:
Parents and teachers may nominate students for the HGT program each fall and students are selected based on testing, achievement, teacher recommendations, identifiable characteristics and extraordinary abilities and accomplishments. Information about this process is available at the DPS HGT office.

Individual conferencing for parents is available at Cory with Grace Hopley, Gifted and Talented Specialist, as well as classroom teachers.  Many of your individual questions can be answered by making an appointment to meet with the GT/HGT Specialist. Email Grace

Grace will also be available at Back to School Night to discuss the special opportunities for enrichment for all students at Cory that are in the planning for the school year.  Two programs that started last year, Semantics/Spelling Bee Club and Young Authors Writing Contest will return this year, as well as other new opportunities and long established programs such as Destination Imagination and Book Clubs.  Be on the lookout this fall for these special enrichment programs!

  • NEW! Coming this year will be an opportunity for parents to gather in a support group that will begin this fall. The parent focus group will meet once a month to discuss and support each other with strategies that might help children to overcome difficulties as they arise throughout the school year, including bullying, socialization difficulties, extreme sensitivity, perfectionism and other concerns that pop up frequently for GT/HGT students, as well as all children.