Annie Witwer

GT/HGT Coordinator


Support Team

Thirty-four years ago, I followed my college sweetheart back to Colorado. I say “back,” because I spent 2nd-8th grade in the southeast suburbs and still had lots of important connections to the Centennial State. As an undergraduate at Yale University, I studied comparative literature, and you can still find me reading voraciously, enjoying the Poetry Foundation’s daily missive in my inbox, or even writing my own poems. You might also observe me obsessively completing the New York Times crossword puzzle or reading the latest reviews of backpacking gear. In the summer of 2017, I completed the 486-mile Colorado Trail, and I’d love to do more long-distance hiking.

My three sons are all grown now. The oldest lives in Los Angeles; the middlest is here in Denver; and my youngest is working in Indonesia with the Peace Corps. My husband and I are happiest when everyone is home together. When they’re not, we baby our dog and two cats. I was a stay-home-mom for 14 years and then began my teaching career, first at Stanley British Primary School, then Teller Elementary, then Polaris Elementary. I love working with children, and the quirky, sensitive, excitable, sometimes incalcitrant gifted ones have a special place in my heart.