Star Family Sponsors

Be a Star Family sponsor, for only $125, to help us reach our auction fundraising goals, so that we can continue to support paraprofessional teachers in our classrooms, fund key next steps in Cory’s teacher-developed technology plan and offer the varied arts curriculum for which Cory has long been known to offer!

Star families will be entered in a separate VIP drawing for a great prize on the night of the 2018 auction!

Become a Star Family sponsor

Thank you to the following families for their Star Sponsorships:

Aaron and Sandee LePedis
Alison and Sam Durnavich
Anastasia and Tim Glennie
Andrew and Erlin Marsh
Bill and Kathy Holland
Brett and Stacey Wells
The Glynn Family
Chad and Mona Krull
Chris and Kelli Murphy
Deborah Freeman
Erik and Heidi Letko
Erik and Kate Knudsen
The Hofmann Family
Haven and Kris Smith
Jason and Lacy Jennings
Jen and Ford Allison
Jennifer and Jay Reed
Jennifer Grumann and John Scherzinger
The McDaniel Family
Jim and Colleen Rigberg
Jim and Laura Quartarone
Joe and Amber Billig
Joe and Kristi Lindwall
The Brown Family
Karla and Tyler Hand
Kim and Bill Esbenshade
Kristine and Bryan Hawthorne
Leisa and Tyson Sollenberger
Marti and Andrew Freeman
Meg and Mike Harry
Michelle and Chad Blood
Millie and Jason Wolfson
Pamela and Jason Wandry
Russell and Shahla Hebets
Samantha and Jay Sturhahn
Scott and Gwen Campbell
Stephanie and Chris Campbell
The Fiegel Family
The Sarti Family
The Valdez Family
Travis Wanger and Cindy Schatz
Victoria and David Chenault
The VonGunden Family
The Maron Family
Jaala and Mark Sheldon
The Schmidt Family