School Tours

Thank you for your interest in Cory Elementary.  We welcome you as you consider and choose the best elementary school for your family.

Please know that Cory’s main campus starts in FIRST grade and runs through FIFTH grade meaning we do not have kindergarten on campus.  Thank you for reading this note about Cory’s kindergarten.

  • Cory’s Kindergarten is housed at the Stephen Knight Center for Early Education (SKCEE) located at 3245 E. Exposition Ave, 1 mile north of Cory’s main campus .  If you are interested in Cory Kindergarten or Early Childhood Education, you will want to contact the SKCEE directly to arrange for a tour there. or call: 720.424.6500.

To arrange for a tour of Cory’s main campus (First – Fifth grades):

  1. chose a time below and e-mail the volunteer listed directly
  2. include the first and last names of adults attending
  3. include the grade(s) you are considering.

We only hold the tour if we know you are coming.

Tours are designed for parents.  While we understand having childcare for young ones can be hard, please respect that we travel in and out of many classrooms!  Having young children in tow can be a distraction to both the class and the others touring.

Please enter through the front door on S. Steele St and sign-in at the front office. Our staff will ask to see your driver’s license and record your license number so that we are fully informed about who is in the building at all times. At the end of tour please sign out at the front office.

Upcoming Tours

There are no tours when Denver Public Schools schools are closed.  Here is the DPS calendar.  If you have any questions, please email Maria Dutmer.