Grace Hopley
Gifted Resource Teacher



I am happy to be back for my second year as the Gifted and Talented Specialist at the Cory/Merrill Campus. My job focus is to provide teaching/learning resources for teachers and parents and to write advanced learning plans for each identified students and gifted school plans for the district. I also work with all students at Cory with the semantics-spelling bee program and hope to start a geography bee program this year as well. Last year, we began the Young Author’s Program at Cory, which I oversaw and help coordinate. Along with all these opportunities, I hope to work more with individual students and small groups this year as additional differentiation support in the classrooms and begin a parent support program for hot topics in affective education. I was born, raised and educated in this neighborhood (Knight, Merrill and South High School) and it is great to be back on my old stomping ground! I have been with the gifted and talented department in Denver Public Schools for my entire teaching career (20 years), having taught all grades 1st-8th during my tenure at several schools in the southeast Denver area. My teaching specialty is “writing” and I am a fellow with the Denver Writing Project (a division of the National Writing Project based at University of California at Berkeley). My educational background includes The University of Colorado-Boulder with a major in Communication Disorders and Speech Science (Speech Pathology and Audiology) and The University of Denver (Educational Certification and Masters of Education Administration and Policy), as well as I am a Ritchie Fellow in The University of Denver-Denver Public Schools. Education has always been a big part of my life but mot enjoy the challenge of working with gifted and talented students, as they learn in diverse and interesting ways. I also think that it is very important to provide effective learning experiences for all children, including gifted students.